More than five decades of italian tradition.

Like all great stories, CERABOL is the result of a combined idea with years of effort and a clear vision. It was in 1970 when Andrea Bruno Morino, an Italian based in Bolivia, decided to go for an industry that was just beginning to take shape. Today, Andrea is remembered as the forerunner of mechanized ceramics in our country.

In fact, CERABOL was the first to produce pressed tiles for floor and wall. At that time, the company had two production lines: natural red, flat six-inch square pieces and a line of glazed pieces for floor and walls.

Initially furnaces were locally made and burning were made with wood. Then diesel burners were purchased, also two hand presses were available. Production of natural red pottery was 12,000 m² per month and glazed ceramic was 10,000 m².

In the 80s CERABOL acquired a tunnel kiln with production capacity of 45,000 m² per month of natural red floor, adopting the natural gas burning system. Hydraulic presses 500 and 550 tons were also implemented with a modern drying system.

But the CERABOL path was not without trials and challenges. Between 1985 and 1998 the illegal smuggling of glazed floors from abroad represented a harmful unfair competition. The company then decided to halt its line of enameled and devote himself exclusively to the manufacture of natural red floor, optimizing processes and quality of this product. As a result, this floor is recognized until today for their high quality, strength and durability.

During the following years, the market demand was formalized and demand became an important growth process. Also thanks to the seriousness and positioning that the brand managed, customers constantly demanded glazed floors. Faced with this reality, CERABOL was driven to take on a new challenge.

In 1998 the company installed a new modern production line with Italian technology for the manufacture of glazed pottery, with a capacity to manufacture 100,000 m² per month.

Thanks to its quality, CERABOL broke beyond borders of the country and in 2002 began exporting to foreign markets like the US, Spain, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.

In 2010 CERABOL celebrated its 40 years, assuming the greatest challenge in its history: to launch its second manufacturing plant, a modern and efficient unit which was opened in April 2011 allowing double the production capacity and increase the variety of sizes, designs, colors and styles to accompany the latest market trends.

Five decades have passed since a visionary man took the first step on this path full of achievements and conquests. Today, however, we feel that the story is just beginning.